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I have spent the majority of my life battling with my mental health.

As one of the founders of Mind Works Wellness, Jonnie Taylor want to share with you why this project is so important to him.

My name is Jonnie and I am one of the founders of Mind Works Wellness.

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for visiting our site and taking the time to understand how we provide the most revolutionary and preventive approach to mental health and well-being.

I, like millions of others, have spent the majority of my life battling with depression, anxiety and other associated mental health conditions. The road through these challenges can be short or long and seem covered in a thick fog that won’t allow you to see the end, or a light to begin understanding how you, as an individual, can work through your battles.

I wanted to dedicate all my efforts and energy into something that can help support and provide you with the strength to work through anything that feels like a weight on your mind.

Mind Works Wellness is something that is built on real experiences and this passion to create a preventative approach to helping individuals through these challenges – be it small or large. From my experiences and after speaking to professional therapists, identifying and tackling the issues from the source, as early as possible puts you in the best position to work through anything that is thrown your way.

Our wellness platform helps identify and monitor issues as well as providing support, information, goals and the ability to track and monitor your well-being over time. Professional, trained therapists will help set weekly questions to help identify the source of your stresses and city verbs.

What makes us unique is that for you, as the individual, will have access to professional therapy at no extra cost, as part of your company’s subscription ensures that you have the access to these services when required, whenever you need it. If the face to face approach is not right for you, our professional, trained therapists are always there to receive any questions or comments that you may want to raise.

I firmly believe that all of us deserve to be provided with the best possible tools to help us through life, especially during these incredibly challenging times where we are on the cusp of re-entering the workplace and wider society in general.

I want to use my passion for mental health and well-being to help others fight their battles. Mind Works Wellness encapsulates all of our desires to provide the most preventative platform for you achieve your wellness goals.

Stay safe and look after yourselves

Jonnie Taylor


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