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The Mind Works Wellness Preventative Approach to Mental Health and Wellbeing

The Mind Works Wellness Preventative Approach, gives people the information they need to better understand themselves.

Using our unique platform, trackable wellness information informs users of how they react to key moments, what triggers certain moods and how to plan around these.

Mind Works Wellness also provides 24/7 support so that if you do start to feel overwhelmed or a major trauma occurs then we are here to help guide you through.


Engaging Support

By consistently monitoring your wellbeing Mind Works Wellness provide plans to stay on track so that those within your organisation can be at their best all year round.

Work Life Balance

Encouraging your staff to live a balanced life style will improve their life at work. When you focus too much on one area, others will suffer.

Safeguarding and Early Intervention

For children and young adults Mind Works Wellness can provide invaluable information for staff and children in dealing with their wellbeing now and in the future.

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Mind Works Wellness was created by three friends from different working backgrounds who shared a frustration in the lack of support businesses give their staff. We wanted to create a place where the balance between work and life is as important as the balance sheet. By giving people the understanding they need to better themselves, regularly keeping in touch through a digital form and the support of professionals, going to work can be made that much easier.


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Ben Duffy

Charlie Kenward





Ben has worked at the top of the media industry for the last 15 years. Working across national newspapers, celebrity management and setting up his own publishing company, Ben built up an impressive catalogue of successful projects in that time.

It was this varied experience that led to him founding Mind Works Wellness after seeing such common issue with staff across all levels.

Creating an approach, especially for young adults to understand themselves better, is at the heart of wanting to drive Mind Works Wellness forward.

Ben has a young son, wife Lexxi and a Vineyard in North Devon.

Charlie has worked in the top of the national media for 14 years. He has supported and run various teams.


His organisational abilities are one of his many strengths allowing him to run operational duties precisely.  He has a passion for workplace mental health and wellbeing and through first-hand experience knows how important staff wellbeing is to the running of a happy and productive workplace. 


Away from the office Charlie can be found spending time with the three women in his life (wife and two young daughters) or sitting by a lake, in all weather conditions, angling for carp. He is also partial to a good old weeding session in the garden.

Elizabeth Thomason Portrait.jpg

Elizabeth Thomson



Elizabeth is a Psychotherapist and a member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP). With over 10 years’ experience, she continues her work with children, young people and adults; as a therapist, supervisor and project leader.


She enjoys inspiring and training people in raising awareness of mental health, environmental impacts and spreading the word of hope through charities such as Children in Need and Greenpeace. 


Elizabeth is married with two children, lives in London and loves art and water sports.

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