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Creating a Positive Environment  

Mind Works Wellness provides a unique and innovative approach to maintaining mental wellbeing. Weekly statements are designed to promote healthy thinking and are used as a positive tool for Wellness Leads who monitor and provide individuals with support.

Mind Workd Wellness  application in action on laptop

The Preventative Approach
Combining human interaction with a digital experience to bring real change and a better understanding of yourself. Using goal setting and notes, users will develop an understanding of how to stay physically and mentally healthy.


Mental Health and Wellbeing costs UK businesses over £100 Billion a year. This will keep rising.

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More than 51% of sick days are due to anxiety and depression. There are simple steps you can take to change this.

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There has been more than a 500 per cent rise in mental health referrals in the last 12 months.

Taking care of yourself and those within your organisation is essential.
Work, family, relationships and social expectations are all demanding parts of our lives that impact how we perform and manage daily life.

Prevention and education is the key to progress.
By using Mind Works Wellness you are giving people around you the tools to better understand how and why they are feeling the way they do. With this they can then make a plan to thrive..



  • Integrating Wellbeing into your office

  • Private space for staff

  • Dedicated Mind Works Wellbeing Lead

  • Feedback on a range of wellbeing metrics

  • Bespoke improvement consultancy 

  • Data driven monitoring system

  • Unrivalled safe guarding measures

  • Mind Works Wellness Lead to guide teachers 

  • Direct access for students to professional support

  • Lesson Plans


Mrs Trusty
Head Teacher
Days Lane Primary

Days Lane Primary have been using the Mind Works Wellness preventative approach since April 2021. Setting aside dedicated time to use the Wellness Platform with pupils has allowed us to gain a greater insight into our pupils mental health and well-being, identify any trends to address as a school and provide individual support as needed. 


The help and support MWW have shown us has been of the highest quality. I'm not alone in saying that this is a company that really care about the welfare of students.

Simon Handley
Managing Director
Recoverable Solutions

I have worked with the guys at Mindworks for several years and having used the platform for myself  and my team, I really like the design and layout. Unlike a lot of their competitors, the platform is far more interactive and encouraging to use.

The main concern for myself would be whether the staff would actually engage with the platform and I feel Mindworks have a resolve for this. Would recommend to others. 

Billy Joyce
Joyce Joinery

I used the Mind Works Wellness Platform alongside sessions with their wellness lead. I found the platform to be extremely helpful and engaging. Allowing me to track my mental health and wellbeing over the course of 8 weeks. This was interesting to see. Being a tradesman means I don't have access to a computer so getting a text reminder when statements were ready to answer is really helpful. Would 100% recommend Mind Works Wellness to anyone who wants to make a real change to their Wellbeing

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